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You’re invited!

I finally realised why weddings can be stressful – the pressure laid upon you by other people.

I’ve been told a couple of times that you send invites out about 6 months before, so I’d been aiming for that, and I’ve had a few people demand information sooner.

Then getting everything sort of, finalised.

Making sure I had the wedding website up so I didn’t have to have pages and pages of info in the invites. Publishing it to the correct domain so I could add it to the invites. (Hart-Kent Wedding)

Having different invite layouts – ceremony, reception, online streaming, then E-versions of each.

Finding an invite designer, but then realising I wanted to do it myself. Then having to design and create them and find an appropriate publisher ( – thank you!)

But I did it – I got there! With Dave helping and approving and discussing with me I managed to create gorgeous invites that I look forward to revealing to you all 🙂

In the meantime, here’s a copy of an E-Vite ♥️

We are really pleased with the outcome 🙂

Until then, try not to stress babes 😘

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