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The mess before the dress

Here it is, the official blog post for my hen do!

I didn’t know where we were going or what we were doing, I was given dates and instructions on what to buy and pack outfit-wise.

Luckily for me, the theme was on point so I didn’t have to do anything out of the ordinary!

Judith and Fliss came to pick me up, then we picked Stefan up, then we headed to my mums where I was greeted by Bonnie, Jade, mum and Shirley!

We minibussed for what seemed like ages (with a short intermission for the cabbie and Shirley to light up a cigarette in the fuel station) and we arrived in ‘sunny’ BRIGHTON!

Rosie decorated every room!

19 Hampton Place was our home for the weekend 🙂

Rosie, Grace and Chloe were there to greet us as well as personalised cocktails, gift bags and plenty of gothic decor and activities. I got drunk and sang Finest Girl and other brilliant songs on karaoke whilst eating a chorizo 🤷🏻‍♀️ and had a stressful deflating blow up bed followed by a 3am crisis in the loo.

My tattoo was FRESH and my spirits were up and I was already BLOWN AWAY by how amazing my lovely sister had made this event for me

The next day, we had bride games, quizzes, charcuterie, laughs and drinks. Zoe, Esther and Gemma arrived and joined in the fun (with baby Ralph lol) and we were treated to a live nude man who made us draw his cock.

Rosie drew the winning cock pic lol

It was … an experience

Later, we went out to a burlesque cabaret with a drag queen MC, burlesque dancers, acrobats, singing, dancing, food, and drinkies! Alexis St Pete made an appearance alongside legendary hottie Loretta Harlow 🤩 the Host, Dolly Rocket, told me to put my tits away as they were distracting. LOL.

Look how happy I was to have a TALENTED LEGEND like Dolly Rocket appear 😍

It was when they introduced a hairy gay man called ‘Dave the Bear’ I genuinely thought my Dave would walk out in a thong.

Oh how I wish that had been the case.

At one point, he put an extendable foam fist in his sweaty gooch and we had to throw hoops on the stick. He bopped Fliss with it on the way off stage and I don’t think she will ever recover.

Stefan loved being outed as the Token Gay.

Rosie and Grace rolled in at 4:40am and really didn’t recover well. The minibus broke down on the way home, which led to even more fun!

Fliss still hadn’t recovered

I can’t even begin to describe how grateful I am to my sister for all her hard work, and to my very best friends for coming along and making the weekend so special 🥹♥️♥️♥️

I hope Felicity recovers before the wedding…

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