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The Girl at the Rock Show

We went to Rock n Roll Bride live in Hackney Town Hall, and all I got was a fake tattoo…

Joke- I mean I did but also the goody bag was SO GOOD I couldn’t even believe all the stuff we were given!

Everyone was dressed casual and for the weather

Except me

Of course I went in a bustle and doc martins

We got to see a huge range of alt vendors and it helped me decide on some important weddingy stuff including embroidered leather jackets, custom pin badges, and dried flowers.

We sampled sperm cookies, we were serenaded by a wood witch with an electric harp (singing Sacrament by H.I.M of all songs ahah!), I even tried to run off with a wedding planner because of her sexy organisation skills 🥵🥵

Prepare to see this on my head table.

There were size 12 rhinestone high heel shoes for Dave to wear (he’s gone for rhinestone jodhpur boots instead) and handbags that looked like cakes.

There were pride-style photo booths that put rainbows to shame, and big-boobed bra ladies helping plus sized people get the right lingerie.

There were some less alt vendors too, like my new favourite farrier…

Ok he’s a barman boy a farrier but the branding was 👌

By far the best thing was, there were my people. I was able to nerd out, admire taxidermy, laugh with big girls and enjoy coloured hair.

I’ve been subscribed to ROCK N ROLL BRIDE since I got engaged and today my love for the franchise PEAKED.

I’ve never felt more confident in my alt and non-traditional choices.

BETROTHED 🖤🖤🖤 #Bustle

Please see some of my new favourite vendors here:

SAM MADE IT – awesome, high quality custom pins 🙂 (I’ve been sold on these guys for a while but meeting them made me love them)

CHARLIE SHIRES – Stunning hand made heirloom jewellery (I will be buying these as bridal party gifts)

RISKY BISCUITS – hilarious (and tasty) 18+ biscuit decorating (I would eat these all day and not just because they are dicks)

MADDISON ROCKS – stunning, personal and highly detailed flower products (including the one pictured above – the detail is incredible)

PETALHEAD – dried flowers for whimsical and everlasting beauty (we are ordering buttonholes from this amazing lady)

KATIE ABEY – weird, wonderful and super colourful gifts (postcards with quotes made me die 💀)

And of course…

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