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Meme time

Let’s face it, it wasn’t going to be long before wedding memes took over my life. You’ll be pleased to hear they haven’t taken over my regular memeing though 😁

IJLM ♥️ (I just love memes)

Absolutely. We’ve been doing this all evening.

👀 I just keep making my wedding planner look pretty, I don’t actually do much else ahaha

The adhd hyperfixation/ demotivation rollercoaster is WILD

This is Dave

This will be Dave lol

This would be Dave, if he had any friends 😂😂

Again, sorry Dave, need a bestie for this 😂

So I didn’t budget for two dog go-pros but fuck it I don’t need a dress lol

I’m not pretending I won’t be extra because I will.

That’s much more accurate lol

Jk I never wanted anything simple.

If there is one thing I have consistently been told, it’s DO NOT skimp on the wedding photographer.

Wedding stuff is like equine stuff, inflated 4000%


I’m finally going to get used to this and then we will get married and I’ll have to learn to say ‘husband’ lol

I have physically cold feet and I like to put them on Dave’s naked thighs in bed to make him scream

And just like that, I knew what dress I wanted. No one touch me.

Damn straight.

I sweat so much, so I chose a date for *peak* winters vibes 🤍

Pretty much


Knowing my friends and family 👀

If I could tag about 20 of my friends I would lol

I sent this to my MOH, Rosie, my beloved sister who I think is planning a full weekend of it lol

Speaking of Rosie, she was born in December 👀 she’s very intense

What budget 😂

I’m not allowed in the hen party group chat and I’m BIG MAD like this hedgehog 🦔


Jokes on you I’m already excited about crock pots lol

Dave and I in every restaurant lol

My mother in law is an angel and I run pretty much everything passed her because I value her opinion so much 🥰♥️

This however, is Judith 😂 we are very close

I’m such a sleepy person – is it my AHD crash or my depression? Who knows 😂

My guests will be having to spend money on clothes, travel, accommodation, taking time out of work, all sorts. I would never expect a gift as well!


Jokes aside I love this episode of friends. I plan on picking Dave up from the airport after his stag do wearing a bad wedding dress with a sign saying ‘I dooo’ 😂

I’m a sleepy person

I’ll be late to the wedding because I’m a trash person who can’t manage their time, not because of the reasons above 😂

I’m suddenly wishing my dogs were more gorgeous and photogenic 👀

IJLD (I just love dogs)

The cha cha slide is going to be the the first. Second, fifth, 11th and 20th song.

One more dig at Dave before we go 😂😂 I don’t have bridesmaids other than my dog because I love all my girlfriends and their kids so much I can’t choose!

My wedding dress theme is strictly black and white. I look forward to seeing gorgeous ladies in gorgeous white dresses 😁 I have no fears that I won’t be the main focus 😘😘

Zero worries babe, you won’t miss me, trust 😘🖤👌

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