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I love my venue 🤍🏨

I booked the first venue I looked at, but it wasn’t in spite of all the warnings that I might make impulse decisions through excitement.

Ye Olde Bell Hotel and Spa, Retford is a venue of dreams. It has the grandeur of a stately home, the prestige of having served royalty, the history as a 17th coach house and also the food and spa are award winning.

It’s also got multiple indoor and outdoor event rooms for hire, handily 😂

I have booked out a double function room for the ceremony (with private bar) and a double function ballroom with stage (and private bar) for the reception. Fabulous. Stunning. Can’t wait.

In fact, I can’t keep away. I’ve booked to go there for dinner with my beloved and beloved’s beloved mother and step father for our -1 year anniversary 😂

You’ve just reminded me that I need my Friday 13th outfit…

Plus I’ve already been for dinner recently and to talk to come vendors and look about. I’m also booked in for a wedding fair at the end of Jan 😂

Safe to say I’m excited to make it my own for my special day. Now we need to start designing the decor, now we have our colour scheme!

Bugger, I also need to sort out a dress 😶

THE CEREMONY ROOM! I’ll be walking down the aisle from the bar (!) to where our archway will be where Dave is stood!

The ballroom, in the dark, with seats being set up for someone else’s wedding. We snuck in after dinner 😂 they have a dance floor that they whip out – how cool!

Table size examples – a bit white for me but i it’s good to get an idea of numbers 🫢

I don’t even like these chair covers. Didn’t stop me taking late night photos lol

Dave (the beloved) and one end of the ballroom, with those chandeliers and candelabras I love so much!

The giant doors open into this area from the ballroom, to where the entertaining and drinking continues. Again, you can see I snuck in for photos ahaha

Oh, there’s moi, although normally I’m *on* the stage ahahaha

Some of my most cherished memories are form ye olde, and I couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else.

Also, my sister loves anything ‘ye olde’ 😂👌🔱

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