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Groom gloom – arranging a stag do!

This is a blog post from my beloved husband-to-be. He sees how good blogging has been for me and wanted to give it a go himself 🙂

It nice to have an opportunity to contribute to this blog as the groom all be it a somewhat morbid subject.

I shall cut straight to the chase I am a very isolated and some may say lonely person, as be it I have very limited amount of friends. Present company of Hannah and family excluded obviously, but I have since dropping out of college and loosing a very dear friend of mine, Bobby, at an awfully young age of 21 to a heart attack, I find myself surrounded by a lot of acquaintances rather then friends. This has made planning a stag do pretty difficult and upsetting at times.

Bobby was an absolute lad! Always smiling and laughing. I miss him very much!

I had a lot of friends in school growing up. We had the “crew” who would meet at mine most evenings, get on the decks, write music and lyrics like some wannabe rappers but also jam on the guitars with others in “the tree house”.

When I first left college after realising I wasn’t doing so well I lost a lot of friends, then moving from Leigh on sea to great wakering (both Essex but 30mins apart and no direct transport between the two) I lost some more, then when I left the car scene I lost what was really what I would say the last of my friends and ultimately became very socially isolated.

Hannah has some amazing friends, ones which have ultimately welcomed me into their different cohorts, invited me to events, dinners, even as part of a bridal party for one of them! but I wouldn’t necessarily say I would do a stag do with them.

It was suggested that one of them would take me shooting, a great “manly” thing to do on a stag do but that just didn’t seem right with me. I’d love to go but this is with my partners friends husband. Not really the link you associate with stag do’s (well not for me at least). Stag dos are with “the lads” the unbreakable duo, trio, quartet etc, but I just haven’t got that.

There is also the fact my best man will be 8 years old by the time of a stag do so that rules a lot of other traditions out!

Hannah said let’s just go to a strip club me and her. It crossed my mind but no I decided I wanted to do something just me. A backpacking holiday, just me and my thoughts, some peaceful time for reflection and spiritualisation.

Gonna leave the strip clubs to Hannah.

I had looked at a few options, with links in the family to Penang and a lot of interest in buddism due to my professional practice I had considered Malaysia as well as parts of India however these were just too expensive so today I took the plunge and booked a solo back packing weekend to Marrakech.

Is it still classed as ‘backpacking’ when I’ll be staying here 😂😂😂

I will be staying in a very traditional looking hotel in the heart of Marrakech just a stone throw away from the popular torrid destinations as well as great access to the deserts and some less touristy places.

Of corse though I can’t forget my best man and I am sure Murphy and I will do something together as well, which ultimately will end with McDonalds chips!!!!

My boy and I 🥹

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